About Goboony

Goboony, the Airbnb for motorhomes, is the scale-up leader in the European market with more than 7000 motorhomes for rent. They are one of the fastest growing companies in the travel industry (1st fastest growing scale up in the travel industry in the EU). 

Currently, Goboony operates in 6 countries including Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Italy, Germany and France. Their team consists today of 85 full time employees.

At the end of 2021, Goboony raised 6 million in growth capital from Venture Capital No Such Ventures. This investment will finance, among other things, a substantial expansion of the team. 

What was Goboony running into?

Difficulty finding Personnel

After the fresh investment from No Such Ventures, there were 40 vacancies at Goboony. These vacancies were filled through internal recruitment processes and the use of promotion via traditional job search websites.

Filling vacancies was taking too long

Many vacancies have been open for months. Both finding suitable candidates and expanding internal capacity to find them was a challenge. This delay caused a major impact at the expense of business growth.

High cost for quick solutions

Using a standard recruitment agency was not an option because, despite that solution could have speed up the process, the costs involved were way too high, around 22%-30% of the annual salary including holiday pay. Maybe a solution in the short term but in the long term these recruitment costs would have had a negative impact on attracting talent cause Goboony would then not always be able to offer a competitive salary.

Internal recruitment capacity difficult to scale up

Arranging recruitment internally was interesting from a cost perspective but difficult to scale up at sufficient speed and proved to be an equally big challenge. Recruiters are currently sought after by just about every company and are therefore scarce.

The challenge

  • Build an affordable & efficient recruitment strategy.

  • Vacancies had to be filled within 4 to 8 weeks.

  • The vacancies were spread across 6 countries (Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, UK, France & Germany).

  • Provide a mix of Operational & Marketing roles. 

  • Provide a pre-selection. Not to use the internal capacity of Goboony unnecessarily.

What has Hire Heroes been able to help with?

Clear positioning

Through an extensive onboarding process, HireHeroes understood what makes Goboony attractive to candidates and transformed this into a communication plan. With this we succeeded in attracting candidates that fully fit the company and company’s culture. 

Candidates quadrupled

Each vacancy posted through HireHeroes received enough candidates within 14 days to find a match. Within 8 weeks period, 15 vacancies were filled and still plenty of candidates were in the pipeline.

Simple Pre-screening    

All candidates who showed interest in the vacancies went through a pre-selection beforehand that filtered out 80% of the applications. This way, the recruitment capacity on Goboony side could be used optimally and this bottleneck was also solved.

Final delivery and results

  • All vacancies were filled within 4 to 8 weeks. Every week new vacancies are posted online within 48 hours and the first candidates are delivered within 7 days. 
  • The recruitment costs were 40% cheaper than with traditional recruitment agencies. 
  • We now work stably as an extension of the Goboony HR/Recruitment team and ensure that new vacancies can also be filled quickly in the future. 

Team HireHeroes